What If I Am Filing Bankruptcy??

This is a very good question and one I get asked quite a lot!  Even if you are filing bankruptcy, it is still in your best interest to short sale your home!

A couple of reasons why:

  • Current lender guidelines state that after a short sale, a buyer can buy another home in 2-3 years after short sale is closed.
  • If you file for bankruptcy, you can also typically buy another home 2 years after the bankruptcy is discharged.
  • BUT, if you file for bankruptcy, and then let the home go into foreclosure with the bankruptcy, current lender guidelines state that you will not be able to buy another home for 7-10 years after a foreclosure!  So even if you are filing bankruptcy, it is in your best interest to short sale the home and not “walk away” and not letting it go into foreclosure!

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