Click and listen to this audio testimonial from an out of state client, Steve.  His home sold for $40,000 less then he owed!

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Check out the video testimonial below.  Owner was behind on payments and had not only one mortgage on property, but a second and third mortgage!  We were able to successfully short sell their home and save their credit


Look at this handwritten testimonial we just got from a client.  She sent it to our personal home!  This is how thankful our clients are after we short sale their home for them. This home sold for $200k, she owed $260k, she walked away owing nothing further to the bank.  She is able to buy another home in 2 years!



Hi Theresa,
I just wanted to say Thank You very much for everything.
I had invested in this 8339 house with super high expectations but the
people I dealt with let me down.
The person that sold the house to me committed fraud. He had taken me to the
cleaners with his management follies, his wife’s issues with not passing
my funds to me, and the endless, endless costs they created to suit their
income needs.. Their names are EJ ***and JEANNE ***.
I really trusted these people and was really taken for a substantial amount
of money.
Over these last yrs its been more than a nightmare.
I looked for help and you came into the picture and took charge.
You had a plan in mind and executed the plan.
You kept me well informed and shared the details with me.
The deficit plan and final closing eventually all happened as you stated.
I wish I would have met you and your team much earlier in the real estate
investment timeline for the 8339 Misty property.
I still have 4 properties in Indy that I need to resolve, but hopefully that
will come together as well.
I trusted the wrong people and they took advantage of the situation.
I cannot tell you how much it hurts to have been taken by so many people in
such a short time.
There is a silver lining since You had done everything with high integrity.
I will, without a doubt, recommend your professional real estate services.
Finding honest business people that truly possess high integrity and solid
ethics & moral values is crucial.
It took a long time but I finally found a real professional with the
knowledge, traits and character to get the job done.
I trusted you with a substantial piece of my future finances and you came
through for me in the biggest way.
I just want you to know that I am truly appreciative of all your efforts in
getting this resolved for me.
Thank you,


Hello Theresa,

Well I hope your having a great day! I thought about it for a couple of days and I have decided to go through with the short selling of my house. I just really want to make sure that there is absolutely no cost to me whatsoever. Thank you so much for everything so far. You have made me feel very comfortable with the whole process, and in the end I know its the best option for me at this point in time of my life. Thank you. Just let me know what you need from me and I will get right to it. My number again is 317-xxx-xxxx. Thanks!!!

Sasha Short Sale Client


I lived in San Antonio for 11 years and lost my job of 20 years in December of 2009. Even though I had saved up a 6 month emergency fund and had unemployment, I could not afford to pay the mortgage on my rental property (a duplex that I had owned for 20 years ) in Indianapolis after the taxes went up raising my mortgage from $600 a month to over $900. I contacted a realtor in 2009 and put the house on the market. I re-signed with her (the realtor) two more times the house only had a few showings. I wanted do a Short Sale, she couldn’t get that going. Sometimes I’d go weeks and months before hearing from her. I became disenchanted with her services and took the duplex off the market in early 2011.

I listen to your radio program and have attended one of your classes here in San Antonio. Finally taking your advise, I completed the online form and within minutes I had responses from two Indianapolis ELP’s. I contacted the first one.   He asked me what my needs were. He sounded enthusiastic and was ready to get started. I am still unemployed so I wanted to do a Short Sale. Immediately he emailed me the documents that needed to be signed. I arranged for him to get the keys from my son. He went to work right a way. He got the duplex inspected and did comparables within a couple a weeks. My property value had dropped from over $100,000 to appx. $25,000. Craig’s office is appx. 48 miles RT from my property. He continued to work hard to complete the short sale knowing his fee would be minimal. Craig stayed in contact with me throughout which lowered my anxiety of not being able to be there.

It turns out that it was more difficult working with the Chase bank than anticipated, the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. I was initially denied the Short Sale, so the process had to be started all over again. Through all of this Craig continued to encourage me that he would continue to work with Chase to get this Short Sale completed.  Finally after 3 months an offer came in for $15,000 but it fell through. Later that day a $20,000 offer came in. Craig got right on it, submitting the offer to the bank. Four months to the day (9/20/2011 – 1/20/2012) and many emails and correspondences later the Short Sale was completed. He worked as if he were representing a million dollar listing. Dave I am so grateful to you for offering this free service. I can honestly say that Craig Bartels has a heart for what he is doing and that he lived up to your expectations and to the training that he received from you and your organization.


Craig I will recommend you to family and friends. I can’t thank you enough for your diligence and hard work.


Craig, you have my permission to use my testimonial.

Here is a great text message from a happy short sale client of mine.  I communicate with clients via voice/email/text messages, whatever is most convenient for you!


2013-01-02 18.02.41


This last testimonial is actually of a regular seller of a home.  But it shows you how much work and effort we show each and every one of our clients. We sold their home in 7 hours after being placed on the market, they ended up buying another home from us and also sold their investment property through us.

Hi Craig, 

Maurice and I wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for everything! We are so thankful that our house is SOLD! We are so happy that we made the call to have you help us sell our home.  When we were looking for a short sale agent, we came across your website on the internet. We saw the testimonials of satisfied customers that had nothing but nice things to say about how you helped them short sale their home and how smoothly the process went. We knew we were making the right decision after we saw the testimonials to call you! They were happy about the service that they received from you throughout the process….and now a phone call and a successfully sold house later, we are now happy/satisfied customers as well! We appreciate you educating us about the short sale process and always keeping us “in the loop” throughout the entire process. Your follow up and follow through kept us informed and made us feel comfortable and we appreciated that! Again, we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and patience! We would definitely refer you to anyone that we know who is considering short selling their home!

P.S. If you would like to use this as a testimonial, please feel free to do so!!

Maurice & Rochelle Ja****

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