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Check out this quick 2 minute handwritten video on how the short sale process works

Thought this would be almost the best thing to help explain how the entire process works!    

$23,000 to seller to sell Indianapolis Chase short sale! Chase short sale incentives

Banks have been offering incentives over the past year or so, and many of my clients have received cash back at closing to short sale their home.  But this is the largest I have seen yet in the Indianapolis area.  Chase is giving my client $20k + the $3k HAFA relocation assistance.  So a total …

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Indianapolis Chase short sale approval letter. Chase Short Sale Agent Assistance

Here is another approval letter we just received.  This is from Chase.  Owner owned $150k, property needs work and is now worth approx. $50k.  Bank is accepting $48,500 and forgiving rest of debt. Copy of approval letter