We have been busy! Another successful Indianapolis short sale sold

This worked out well for seller. She lived out of state and had an investment property locally that wasn’t working out for her. Property was worth about $30k or 30% less then she owed. I was able to short sell this Indianapolis short sale property for $61k(she owed approx. $93k). On top of this, I was able to negotiate with the bank to give my seller $3,000 CASH at closing! Bank of America short sale. Bank of America has waived the entire Indianapolis deficiency judgement.

Are you behind in payments and looking for a trusted Greenwood IN short sale Realtor? I am an Indiana foreclosure specialist that provides FREE short sale expert services to Greenwood IN homeowners in hardship. I have never had a bank turn down a client for a Greenwood, IN short sale! I am a Greenwood IN Certified Distressed Property Expert in short sales and an able to offer free Bank of America short sale services. I am here to help and I am certified in the Indiana Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or HAFA Government short sale program.

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