Bank of America short sale approval letter. Over $28k of debt forgiven!

Just received this new approval letter from one of my clients.

Bank is forgiving the entire deficiency of almost $29,000.  Clients do not owe any more on the home and because of the current tax laws, they will also not pay any taxes on the difference!

Here is a link to the Bank of America short sale approval letter.


If you or anyone you know has a Bank of America loan or other loan provider, we can help you short sale your home and save you credit, while at the same time walking away owing the bank nothing.  Let us help you!  If your situation is urgent, contact Craig Bartels at 317-490-5074 or Theresa Bartels at 317-514-0005 to discuss on the phone.  You can also download the book we wrote on how to short sale your home. Just fill out the small form on the right side of this page.


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