Short Sale FAQ Chase Five Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Home on a Short Sale.

A short sale happens when someone sells a home for less than is owed to the bank. This is an option for property owners who are behind on mortgage payments and can help avoid the foreclosure process. You may be wondering if you are eligible. Check out these short sale faq chase to find out what you need to do next.

1. How do I apply?

Contact us directly here at to obtain the forms needed to document your difficulty in keeping your loan current. You may be asked to provide documentation, such as pay stubs, bank account balances or other information to show that you are experiencing financial difficulty.

2. Does Chase assign me a real estate agent?

One short sale faq chase frequently hears is “who will be my real estate agent?” You can work with us! We have worked with Chase on dozens upon dozens of short sales. While there are many qualified real estate agents in the area, you will benefit most from an agent who is familiar with short sales, and how to solve problems and issues that arise.

3. Am I eligible?

Another short sale faq chase is often asked involves the many ways people can be eligible for the short sale program. Home owners may be eligible if they are behind on payments or currently in foreclosure. They may also be eligible if they are current, but can demonstrate an economic hardship in making their payment. People with more than one mortgage may be eligible, as well as property owners who rent their property to others.

4. Other fees?

When selling your home on a short sale, Chase does not charge any fees. However, you may still be responsible for the payment of any deficiency balance. There may also be tax implications. You should speak with an attorney or accountant to fully understand the impact for your personal finances.

5. Can I just give my house back?

If Chase holds the only lien on your home, you may be able to execute a deed in lieu of foreclosure and give ownership of the property to Chase.

If you are having difficulty making your payments and are considering your options, think about utilizing a short sale. The process benefits you by reducing your financial liability for the debt.

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