Short sale and Citi

With sales of existing homes up 18.5 percent which is the best rate since 2008, the housing market in Indianapolis is marching towards recovery. Despite the numbers, there are many Citi customers who are still upside down in mortgages, facing bankruptcy or even foreclosure. Unfortunately for these people, they don’t see the recovery or even a light at the end of the tunnel. What these people do not know is that there is still hope for them and that they can get out of a bad situation before it gets much worse. With the folks at they can learn how a short sale and Citi can get them out of their Citi mortgage without the pain of trying to negotiate this on their own.

Going to what you will first notice is the short contact form you can fill out so they can get your short sale and Citi started. You can also take a look at their informative e-book on just how the short sale process works. They can work with any lender and the testimonials of many Citi customers they were able to save from foreclosure prove this. They have an excellent team of real estate experts who specialize in quick sale solutions designed to give you the results you dreamed of. If the situation is more severe, you can even call them via the contact link from the homepage. Nobody will judge you and their team will give your needs and situation the attention it deserves.

Trying to short sell a home on your own is time consuming and nearly impossible for most. Finding a good agent who understands your needs and negotiating a short sale and Citi with your lender are quite difficult but with the team at Shortsaleindyhome, you get the agent who can sell your house quickly as well as the advocate who will work with your lender to ensure your Citi short sale will go through without the pain of bankruptcy or the credit disaster that foreclosure brings. They have the network of reliable investors who are looking for houses to buy just like yours. All you need to do is fill out the short contact form and you will be contacted quickly to see just exactly what your needs and situation are. The only thing you have to lose is the stress and sleepless nights worrying about how you will make that next payment or when they will foreclose on your house. Also if you are looking to invest in the growing real estate market, why not check the Citi short sale listings they have to offer and see how you can help save someone from what was their potential nightmare. Either way, the real estate team at has a quick sale house solution designed for anyone, no matter what the situation or how severe.

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