Interesting issue with Bank of America short sale

I thought I would just write a little bit regarding an experience I had recently with a Bank of America short sale I have been working on the past 10 months.  This is not normal, thus the reason I am writing the experience here.

Homeowner has a FHA loan that was in a loan modification.  The loan modification was no longer valid because homeowner’s income had dropped drastically from the time the loan modification went into effect.  I had spent the past 10 months trying to get our contact at Bank of America to get this resolved properly.  Since it was not resolved, I ended up faxing and emailing the Office of the President for Bank of America.  Within 6 hours I had received multiple phone calls and emails and now I have the Bank of America Presidential Escalation team working on this file. I expect to close this short sale in the next 30 days or so.

These contacts we have created  and our commitment to our clients is why we close almost 95% of all short sales that we list.  This is far greater then even a regular agent will close on a non-short sale!(which is approx. 55% of all homes listed will sell).    Remember also that everything we do for you costs you nothing out of your pocket, you will never be requested to pay us anything up front or later on. The bank pays are commission at closing.

If you have a Bank of America short sale or any other lender, behind in payments, upside down on your mortgage, we can help you out!

If you would like to speak with Craig call him direct at 317-490-5074 or Theresa direct at 317-514-0005.  We will explain all options available to you and help you get out from under this home that is holding you back.

You can also fill out the form on the right side of this article and download the free book we wrote on how to short sale your home.

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