House Sale. Quick Sell Home Solutions!

If you live in the Indianapolis area, you already know that the team at can assist you with any short sell for your home. They have all the tools available for you to short sell your home and maintain your credit and dignity intact. They have helped homeowners stay out of foreclosure and avoid bankruptcy time and time again. But what if you aren’t in the need of a short sale? What if you are just looking for quick sell home solutions? Why not try the team that has the proven track record for any kind of house sale?

The team at has the record to prove they can sell any home and do it quickly. They have a strong network of lenders and buyers and can work any type of quick sell home solution for you. Let them do the work to get you the best deal possible and you do all the relaxing. Instead of listing your home the old-fashioned way and waiting months or even years to sell your home, contact Craig or Theresa Bartels and let them do the house sale for you. You can contact them via the link on the homepage or by phone at 317-514-0005.

House Sale

House Sale

If you are in need of a short sale or facing bankruptcy then the team at is still the only source for you. They have e-books you can peruse to see if short selling your home is the right decision for you. You can use their team to assist you with any short sale or quick sell home solution you need to gain back your peace of mind and save yourself from the long-lasting and harmful effects of foreclosure. They will work with your lender to ensure that you can negotiate the best deal possible and walk away from an upside-down mortgage situation. They have the best team in the Indianapolis area and the testimonials from satisfied customers and homes they have sold prove every ounce of that statement.

We all know selling a home can be arduous and downright mentally frustrating. Finding someone to list your home and find buyers can be even worse at times and can yield little to no results. Now that the real estate market is slowly working it’s way back up, buyers and sellers both are now looking to enter or re-enter the market. Why not let the team with the proven track record for quick sale home solutions take care of the listing and see if their results meet your expectations. And when they take care of your house sale, be sure to tell your friends about the team that is changing the name and face in Indianapolis real estate.

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