Freedom mortgage short sale. We can help salvage your financial future

There’s nothing easy about selling a home. Finding a solid agent, lining up potential buyers, and the stress that comes with wondering when your house will actually sell. Compound that with the fact that you are actually trying to short sell your home and you can see the tension beginning to mount. If you live in the Indianapolis area, you have no need to worry as the folks at can do any type of quick house sale, including a freedom mortgage short sale. They have all the best tools and connections to make short selling any home easy and simple.

freedom mortgage short sale

freedom mortgage short sale

Craig and Theresa Bartels and their expert team have over 14 years of solid real estate experience. During this time, they put together the best lineup of investors to make sure your house sells fast. They can work with your lender to ensure that your freedom mortgage short sale goes as smoothly as possible. It is nearly impossible to get your lender to work with you on any short sale if you try this yourself, but the team at can change that in an instant. So check out the best short sale professionals in Indianapolis and see for yourself if they can help you.

You can contact the team at by filling out the short form located on the homepage. If the situation is more severe, you can call them via the contact link. You can also take a look at the e-book they have and see if a short sale is what you need or even if you are just curious on how the process works. You can view the dozens of testimonials from their many satisfied customers that they saved from foreclosure, bankruptcy, and financial ruin. You can see the properties they currently have listed as well as the ones recently sold. You can be sure that they will treat your freedom mortgage short sale with the same level of care and professionalism.

Foreclosure or bankruptcy can be the scariest financial cliff one can ever have to face. The financial repercussions can last for a lifetime and haunt every decision you ever make. But who said you had to face this in the first place? Why not short sell your home and at least get yourself out of an upside down mortgage and breathe a bit easier. With the experts at you will never have to worry about what is going to happen or what you need to do. They will keep you informed each step in the process and you can rest easier knowing your freedom mortgage short sale will go through. It costs nothing to contact them so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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