Freedom Mortgage Foreclosures. We can help you out of your sticky situation

Nobody likes facing the prospect of foreclosure. The loss of a house, the impact on credit rating, and the sleepless nights are often too much to bear. But why should you face this alone? If you live in the Indianapolis region and are facing a freedom mortgage foreclosures, why not see what the team at can do for you with the possibility of a short sale. They have stopped several freedom mortgage foreclosures and they can stop yours too. Instead of worrying, why not let someone else alleviate your stress as well as your mortgage.

When you arrive at you will first see the contact form which you can fill out quickly and easily. You will be contacted by one of the team members and your situation will quickly be assessed and the process to recovery can begin. If the situation is dire, you can contact Theresa or Craig Bartels directly so they can assess the situation directly. You also should take a look at the e-book they offer for free showing just how they have saved people from freedom mortgage foreclosures through the short sale process. You can also browse the testimonials from the countless people whom they have saved not only from freedom mortgage foreclosures but from any lender or situation. With over 14 years of real estate experience, they have not only built a solid team of agents, investors and landing contacts but have also established themselves as the short sale experts. So there’s no situation they haven’t seen or saved a client from.

freedom mortgage foreclosuresTrying to stop a foreclosure yourself is almost impossible. Trying to short sell a house is just as hard. You have to find a good agent who not only understands the situation but can actually sell a house quickly. Then you have to find a way to work with your lender which is quite hard since they are the ones you owe money and they are looking to foreclose. Then you have to spend the time and effort to make sure the home sells. Meanwhile, the foreclosure date creeps up and you worry about it daily. Why bother with this when the #1 short sale team in Indy can not only put a halt to your foreclosure but they have the built in structure to provide all the tools to sell your house. They have agents who know how to sell houses quickly and work with your lender to ensure the ease of the process and give you peace knowing someone is on top of the situation. With their network of investors, they can easily find someone who wants to buy your house. So why not check out the team with the ability to put freedom mortgage foreclosures to sleep and get some sleep of your own.


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