Choose a Short Sale instead of Foreclosure for a Clean Financial Slate

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage for any reason, it is important to seek assistance as soon as possible. Foreclosure is typically a long process on the part of the bank, as there are many steps that must be followed and paperwork that has to be in done in order before the formal foreclosure. For many, the foreclosure process can stretch out to many months and even years. Once you get the first notice of foreclosure, seek help from Realtors who can offer information on stopping foreclosures Indianapolis. To get a complete fresh start you may consider filing bankruptcy, but will still need to short sale your home to avoid it going into foreclosure.

A bankruptcy foreclosure Indianapolis takes care of your entire credit record in one swoop, allowing you to start over on a clean slate and rebuild your life and credit. To prevent foreclosure Indianapolis and possibly not have to go through bankruptcy because of debt, seek out quick sell home solutions such as short sales. Short sales decrease your debt owed and may allow you to pay off debt and start over without drastic measures.

For many who get the first foreclosure notice, selling the home is the best idea. A short sale is always a good idea for those who have hit financial straits, as a short sale allows more flexibility in the price of the home, without the homeowner having to take on any debt in the sale. A short sale means that you receive the approval of the bank to put the home on the market for less than it is worth. Once the bank accepts an offer, your home will be sold and you will receive a write off of the remaining balance of the home. Write offs must be claimed on taxes; however they are much less expensive and less damaging than a foreclosure on your record. Chase Bank is one of the major mortgage lenders, and many will find that they may need short sales approval Chase through the bank to sell their home. As a large bank, Chase can be difficult to keep up with through the short sale approval process, so the experienced foreclosure solutions Realtors at can assist you through the entire process.

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