Carmel short sale Realtor. Dozens of luxury home sellers assisted with short sale

The housing market collapse didn’t just affect the middle class, many of the upper class homeowners and investors found out their multi-million dollar homes lost a great portion of their value. Couple this with the recession hurting many investment avenues and you see that the wealthy lost quite a bit more than just their home values. In Carmel, Indiana you see many of the wealthy homes now up for sale or even foreclosure. Many of these people are now looking to short sell their houses to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy as well as the embarrassment that goes with that. If you find yourself in the position of needing a short sale, why not let the team at be your Carmel short sale Realtor.

The expert realty team at can short sell your house with professionalism and discretion. Nobody needs to know that you needed a short sale to save yourself from economic disaster. They will work with your lender to get you the best short sell option for you as well as list the home with their trusted network of buyers and investors looking for your house. They will ensure the best quick sale home solution for you and prove to you why they are the best Carmel short sale Realtor.

Carmel short sale Realtor

Carmel short sale Realtor

Craig and Theresa Bartels and their team have over 14 years of realty experience. They have spent this time building the most reliable network of lenders, agents, and investors and specializing in quick sale home solutions. They understand the need for individuals facing crisis to short sell their houses and treat every individual with care. You should contact them via the short form on the homepage and they will contact you and ascertain your needs and how they can help. If you are in dire straits you can call them via the number on the “contact us” link. They also have e-books on how short sales work for those simply interested in the process. So why not contact them and let the team with the best results work out a solution for you. Still unconvinced of their success? Check out the video testimonials of the countless individuals they have helped through their short sales and saved from financial ruin. Also, if you are looking into real estate investment, why not let them find the quick buy solutions for you since they are the best Carmel short sale Realtor.

Don’t go into the short sale blindly. You run the risk of spending needless time and energy trying to piece together the best options and run the risk of not selling your house in time to avert financial disaster. Let the Carmel short sale Realtors at take care of you and help you with your quick sale house solution.


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