1. How Much Does This Cost Me When I sell?  Nothing!  I will not only negotiate to get your home sold, but your bank will be paying my fee, so there is no money out of your pocket.

  2. What Is A Indianapolis Short Sell? An Indianapolis short sell is a process that allows you, the homeowner, sell your home for less then what you owe, without you, the homeowner being required to come up with the difference.  As an example, lets say Jeff owes $200,000 on his property, but due to the bad market conditions in the Indianapolis area, the home is now only worth $125,000.  If Jeff is unable to make the payments or need to move on with their life, we can typically sell your home for what the home is worth and Jeff walks away with his dignity in tack, as well as being forgiven by his lender on the difference.

  3. Is A Short Sell The Right Thing For Me To Do?   Do you owe more on your property then it’s currently worth?  Are you having problems making your mortgage payment each month?  Are you on an adjustable rate mortgage, and fear when the rate moves up, you will no longer be able to afford your home?  Are you relocating to a new city or state, and paying for both your current home and another home at the same time is not possible for you financially?

  4. What Are Some Key Differences Between An Indianapolis Foreclosure and Short Selling Your Home? A foreclosure is typically the worst possible option, as this will negatively affect your credit score significantly.     Not only will a foreclosure cause your score to drop, but this will also keep you from being able to purchase another home for between 7-10 years.  Even after 10 years, the foreclosure will still show up on a persons personal credit report as a “foreclosure” and will affect your ability to finance items for almost a decade.An Indianapolis short sell will also affect your credit, but only for approximately 24 months.    According to Fannie Mae, the average person can purchase another home 24 months after a short sell has happened on their property.When you let your home become an Indianapolis foreclosure, a public notice is filed  and your privacy is no longer maintained.  When you work with us on a short sell, your privacy remains intact, as the only person speaking with you or your bank is myself.

    When you have an Indianapolis foreclosure, the bank can and does go after you for the deficiency between what the bank received from the sale and what you owed.  The bank can then garnish your wages, and attach to other assets you may have.  If you instead sell your home as a short sell, we will negotiate with the bank to keep this from happening to you.

  5. Is There Any Tax Issues Or Charges To The IRS if I Indianapolis short sell my home?  A couple of years ago, The Debt Relief Forgiveness Act and Debt Cancellation bill was passed.  This allows you to sell your home, up to $1million in price, with no tax consequences.  So, if you owe $150,000 on your home and you are only able to sell your home for $100,000, you WOULD NOT BE liable for the $50,000 difference in what you owe and what you sold at.  For more information on this, please visit www.IRS.gov.

  6. Can I sell my home as an Indianapolis Short Sale if I have been denied by my bank to do a loan modification? YES

  7. If I was in the process of doing a loan modification with my bank, can I still change my mind and go ahead and do a short sell?  YES

  8. If I have already done a loan modification with my bank, can I still short sell my home?  YES

  9. Can I short sell my Indianapolis area home even if my payments are current?  YES

  10. Can I short sell my home even if I am behind in payments, even 6 months or 12 months behind in payments?  YES

  11. Can I short sell my Indianapolis area home even if I have received a Sheriff’s sale notice or Indianapolis foreclosure notice?  YES.  Typically, the lender will stop the Sheriff’s sale if they know you have contacted a short sell specialist and have listed your home for sale.  The lender will actually save money overall by selling as a short sell then letting this go into foreclosure.  In this case though, you NEED TO TAKE ACTION FAST!  I have had success in pulling homes out of foreclosure, even if the Sheriff’s sale was less then 7 days away.  But, this takes commitment from the homeowner to get the documents I need quickly and without delay.

  12. Will I have to move immediately if my lender allows me to sell my Indianapolis home as a short sale?  No, even if we have an offer come in within days of listing this, the entire process will take at least 60 days, and may even take 90 days or longer depending on the bank.

  13. What type of home can I short sell?  You can short sell any type of residential real estate, such as an investment property(4 units or less), single family investment properties, secondary homes, as well as your primary residence.

  14. Can any Realtor or real estate agent short sell my home effectively? No!  Most agents do not have the information or knowledge to negotiate your short sell properly.  You need to work with a team that has sold hundreds of short sells and that knows how to negotiate with the banks on your behalf.  Roughly 95% of all agents do not have the experience we have to get this done for you the right way.  We currently have relationships with dozens of banks and can get you out from under your home with the minimum amount of stress.

  15. This almost sounds to good to be true, is it?  Why would a lender take less for my home then it’s worth? Good question.   It all comes down to what will cost the lender more money at the end of the day.  If a home goes into foreclosure, this could take years to accomplish. Then the lender has to keep utilities on in their name, maintain home, all while trying to get it sold.  It could cost a lender 3 times as much to keep a home as a foreclosure then allowing a home owner to go ahead and sell the home as a short sell.

If you would like additional information including 3 FREE reports on why a Foreclosure Is Not The Best Solution just fill out this simple form below.  You can also contact us for urgent assistance at 317-514-0005.

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